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Samoan Athletes - Heart of Champions


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"You Never get your Tattoo Alone" San Diego Reader, 2004

Benson Mauga could be the poster boy for Pacific Island chiefs. A big man with black wavy hair, a regal face, and confident stature, he commands respect. He looks like the great-grandson of a Samoan paramount chief that he is.

Born in Honolulu, where many Samoans live, Mauga was six when his family moved 2300 miles south to the island of Tutuila in American Samoa. An unincorporated territory of the United States, American Samoa comprises seven islands in the Pacific Ocean about 1600 miles northeast of New Zealand. The islands are remote and opportunities limited. Most people work in the tuna canneries or for the government. Mauga dreamed of attending college and becoming a physical education teacher. He decided to immigrate to the United States, and once here, he joined the U.S. Navy, where he served for 22 years.

When Mauga arrived in San Diego in 1979, he found a Samoan community. He met his wife, Mouna, at the First Samoan Assembly of God church. These days, Benson works in aviation security at Lindbergh Field. Mouna does data entry for a government contractor. They live in Lemon Grove and have six sons. The parents put in their 40 hours at work each week, attend the kids' football games, grab a Saturday breakfast at Denny's, shop at the mall. It's a San Diego lifestyle. But Mauga is a man of island tradition, of fa'a Samoa -- the Samoan way of life . . .

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Interview with Benson T. Mauga of Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions
People of Purpose Interview, August 2008

Samoan Athletes Heart of Champions was a vision and a dream to pass on to our future generations. It started from my family and where I grew up from one of the tiny islands in the South Pacific Samoa Islands . Tutuila is now American Samoa with seven islands . I was one of the outstanding Samoan Athletes from Samoana HS (American Samoa -1978), that did not make it to the next level due to funding. But the Lord knew the plans He had for me and my future. I successfully served our country for 22 years. It was God’s calling for me to reach out to our young generations not only for athletic, but for a spiritual foundation of faith. A motto from one of our elders, who has since passed on, is: “ Samoa muamua le Atua” which means, “Samoan put God first.” We have such a strong heart when we are committed to a mission, such as sports activities, and military service . . .

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